Elephant and Castle 

Imagine a world designed to fit you, where it is entirely up to you how to combine absolutely everything. The ELEPHANT & CASTLE watch company has listened to your suggestions since its inception, and has created a Spring line with more than 90 unique combinations for your watch, characterized by interchangeable watch bands and the high quality of every product. 

ELEPHANT & CASTLE is a young brand which seeks to create designer watches with a guarantee of quality for all types of people: the urbane, the sporty, lovers of music and the arts, the brave, the adventurous… but all with a common characteristic: selective clients who demand accessories which adapt to their day-to-day life.


Fundacion Sandra Ibarra 

We here at ELEPHANT & CASTLE would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for your collaboration in the fight against cancer. With this project, ELEPHANT & CASTLE has sought to develop a plan of social action which addresses a problem that affects us all, one way or another: family, friends, workmates… For this reason, ELEPHANT & CASTLE has teamed up with an extraordinary organization, the Sandra Ibarra Foundation of Solidarity Against Cancer, to help develop cancer treatment and aid in research for a cure
By purchasing any of our products, you are helping contribute to the scientific investigation to prevent cancer, as well as improve the quality of life for cancer patients and support for their families, who live through this battle daily with them.

Along with the Sandra Ibarra Foundation of Solidarity Against Cancer, we would like to than you for your support and for joining forces against cancer so that one day we can here the magic words: cancer can be cured.


The Foundation of Solidarity Against Cancer is a non-profit organization which has been financing various projects and launching multiple awareness campaigns against cancer.

During this time, the Foundation has been able to give 25 grants for scientific research and has developed dozens of awareness and prevention campaigns against this illness. In this way, the Foundation achieves its main goal of promoting the two most important tools in fighting this illness: research and prevention.

The Foundation was born out of the moral dedication of Sandra Ibarra and her nearly 20-year fight against cancer- first as a patient, then as an “activist” against the illness. Her influence, her gift of speaking and empathizing with everyone she involved are key characteristics which are reflected all work done by the Foundation.

If you would like to learn more about the Sandra Ibarra Foundation of Solidarity Against Cancer, please visit their web page.